SymDiag Application For
WSS Agent
on Windows

SymDiag is a
WSS Agent
diagnostic application. It gathers debugging, troubleshooting, and trace log information that Symantec Technical Support can analyze to assist you in remedying connection issues.
This section describes how to run the SymDiag application. Most issues can be traced and gathered without requiring a reboot. However, debugging
WSS Agent
startup process issues requires additional advanced debug logging steps, as outlined in the procedure.

Technical Requirements


  1. On the Windows desktop, double-click the
    SymDiag checks for available updates, installs them, and provides you with a license agreement. Accept the EULA to continue.
  2. The system displays the application.
    WSS Sym Diag Home
    Collect Data for Support
  3. Verify that
    WSS Agent
    is selected.
    • If the
      WSS Agent
      is installed, this option should be automatically selected in the
      Installed Products
    • If you are debugging installer issues, select
      WSS Agent
      in the
      Other Products
  4. Collection options.
    WSSA SymDiag Data
    1. Under
      Data Type
      , verify that
      Limited data for Support
      is selected.
    2. (Optional) Symantec Support might have asked you to provide additional files, such as a packet capture (PCAP) or screenshots of an issue. Select
      Choose additional files to collect
      . The app displays a screen from which you can browse and attach the files.
    3. Startup/Reboot Diagnostic Issues Only
      —In the
      Debug Logging
      area, click
      WSSA Sym Diag Startup
      1. Click the
        WPP reboot only
      2. In the resulting dialog, click
    4. Click
      , which begins the tracing procecss.
  5. Startup/Reboot Diagnostic Issues Only
    —If you selected the reboot preset in
    Step 4.c
    , the application prompts you. Select
    Enable and reboot
    . After the system reboot, do not proceed until SymDiag also restarts.
  6. Debug logging/tracing is now active. Perform the steps to reproduce the
    WSS Agent
    issue. You must leave this SymDiag screen open until you have fully reproduced the issue.
    WSSA Debug
    After you reproduce the issue, click
  7. Send to Symantec.
    WSSA SymDiag Send
    • If you have a current Support Case for this issue, select
      Open or Update a Support Case
      Log In
      and complete the process.
    • Save the
      file locally. Exit SymDiag and send the file to your Support Contact.