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CA End User Agreement and Supporting Documentation

Published: May 23, 2019

Below you will find general information governing the use of CA’s Offerings. CA Offerings include on-premises software, SaaS, related Maintenance/Support, and Services and/or Education. While the End User Agreement applicable to your transaction with CA will remain constant, additional documentation applicable to your engagement will vary based on the specific CA Offering you wish to use.

If you have existing agreements with CA governing your use of a CA Offering, check with your CA Sales Representative to see if you can leverage those agreements.

Whether using the End User Agreement posted here or your existing agreement, your CA Sales Representative will provide the specific documentation tailored to your CA Offering and engagement with CA.

These documents are for use across all Software business units, for all products and for all customers (direct and indirect), subject to local country legal requirements.

CA End User Agreement

All CA End Users, (direct and indirect), are subject to CA's End User Agreement and the modules applicable to your specific CA Offering.  CA's End User Agreement is available in the following languages: 

Italian (coming soon)

French (coming soon)

Spanish (coming soon)

German (coming soon)

CA End User Additional Terms

Depending on the specific CA Offering(s), one or more of the following documents may also apply:

CA Software Offerings:

CA Software Maintenance/Support

CA Saas Offerings:

CA's Privacy Statement and Data Transfer Agreements:

Termination for Convenience:



CA SaaS Contracting Terms

Please Note: Any agreements available at the links below are archived as of June 3, 2019 as they have been superseded by the CA End User Agreement

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