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Broadcom/CA Introduces Software Download Changes

Currently, Broadcom/CA offers Download Manager (DLM) Classic or Enhanced as options for downloading our products and solutions, as well as FTP and HTTP Browser. As of April 5 2019, the DLM method for downloading software products and solutions will be removed.  The reason for this change is the Vendor is discontinuing the function.

CSM/MSM is the recommended method for downloading mainframe products and solutions; Receive Order is recommended for downloading mainframe solutions. They will be unaffected by this change.  Find more information here:

Receive Order:

Chorus Software Manager (MSM):

What’s Next

As of April 6, FTP and HTTP Browser may be used for software downloads. 

·         FTP can be used for individual downloads as well as orders and zipped files. 

·         HTTP Browser can be used only for individual item downloads. 

·         The HTTP Browser option will not be available for downloading orders and zipped files. 

In June, we plan to transition to a new third-party tool for downloads.  At that time, both HTTP Browser and FTP will be available for BOTH individual item downloads and orders/zipped files.

Need Help?

Those who normally use the DLM option for downloads are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the FTP and/or HTTP Browser download options prior to April 5.  If the FTP option is not permitted, the following workarounds may be helpful during the period between April and June:

·         Use the HTTP Browser option to download individual packing list items for products, or individual solutions, one by one. 

o   Note: Solutions downloaded individually will not use the chaining function, which will include all pre-reqs and co-reqs with the solutions.

·         Ask a Broadcom/CA Customer Assistance or Product Support representative to download orders via FTP on your behalf.  The zipped file would then be attached to a support case to allow you to access your order. 

·         Request your company’s network administration to allow FTP access.  


Please contact us via our toll-free phone numbers or open a support case if you experience problems or require our assistance.