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Downloading Mass Solutions

Last Updated:  January 30, 2018

We are looking for options to allow users adding more than 100 solutions into a cart again.

As a workaround, it is recommended to download the solutions in chunks of approximately 100.

To not lose the navigation, a second session can be used to check out the current cart:

Search for the solutions to be downloaded:

a)      Chose the solutions to download as usual by using the filter options available.

b)      Click on “Next 200 Solutions” until the end is reached  (325 Solutions in this sample)

c)       Set the Solutions per Page to 100

d)      Click on Add All to Cart, to see the first 100 elements added to the cart.

Image 1

The above was the regular approach to populate the cart, the key is now to open the cart in a second session by right click on CART and open it in a new window (or tab):

Image 2

In the new tab, the cart content can be reviewed, potential packaging questions answered and finally checked out:

Image 3

Now, return to the initial session/tab with the solution list, and go to the next page of solutions (101-200) and click “Add All To Cart” there.

Image 4

Switch to the second session and click on Cart there:

Image 5

Now the second set of solutions can be checked out.

Go back to the first session again, go the next page there, “Add All To Cart”, then check it out again in the second session…

… until the end of the solutions has been reached.

Download all orders created and unzip them into the same directory (ignore duplicate files) to get the full set.