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CA Support
Freeware Utilities / Toolbox

The utilities below are tools to assist in using CA software. Some tools listed may not apply to all products.


Latest Applyptf

Allows you to apply and /or list PTF's

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CA Remote Engineer

CA Remote Engineer is a free diagnostic tool available to all CA Customers.

This tool will simplify the diagnostic process and decrease possible downtime by providing you and CA Support Engineers with the exact data they need from your environment.

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CA Concatenate

Allows you to concatenate binary(.bin) or text(.txt) files thus reducing the number of files that need to be uploaded to the mainframe.

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CDTAPE is a client server application to install CA Technologies VM products without using a tape drive.

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CASPLIT (Mainframe Customer use only)

Allows mainframe customers, via TSO panel options, to terse, split and transmit large data files such as standalone dumps and various other z/OS related files to CA for analysis.

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Allows you to compress multiple files into single package.

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Allows you to compress single file.



Java Screen Recorder

This free Open Source tool allows to capture and playback streams. Attaching a recorded stream to a case can help to expedite the research process

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CA SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval

Allows mainframe customers to download PTFs over the internet using the IBM SMP/E Receive Order command. 

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Remote Support Service

Allows you to share your computer with a technical support engineer for easier problem resolution.

Note: You must be actively working with a technician via phone to use this service.

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