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Important Notices:

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Email Updates to Cases are Processing Slowly:
    Incoming updates to cases that are being sent via email are processing very slowly. Posting the file attachments for cases is taking longer than usual even for relatively small files. There are no issues with uploading file attachments from CA Support Online.

    Please post files for cases using CA Support Online, especially large files. Also, note that the emails are going through, so it is not necessary to re-send them.

  • IMPORTANT Notice for Users of Internet Explorer 8 or below:
    Please upgrade or switch to a more modern browser.
    Ongoing changes to CA websites are impacting the experience when non-current browsers are used.

  • IMPORTANT Notice for Rally Customers:
    Until further notice, please log your issues at

  • IMPORTANT: Arcserve Transition Alert

  • Case Numbering Formats Will Be Changing:
    Beginning December 15, 2014, users of CA Support Online may notice a new case number format when opening a new support case. This is a result of upgrades to internal systems that we are implementing in phases, as we continue investing in enhancements to improve your support experience with us.

  • Search and Product Page Updates:
    We've updated our search tool and redesigned the CA Support Online product pages to improve your ability to find the product information you need. The product pages now provide a consolidation of a variety of types of information, from which you can use refiners to narrow the scope of your results. "Search Tips" are offered to further assist you in finding the information you need.

  • CA Support Online Replaces Beta MyCA Support:
    The Beta MyCA Support site is targeted to be retired on June 13, 2014.
    CA Support Online will continue to be your primary Support site when the Beta MyCA Support site is taken offline.
    CA Communities is moving to a new platform over this weekend and will return at

  • CA Support Techdocs are Now Available Without Login:
    CA Support Knowledge Base Articles, i.e. Techdocs (Technical Documents), are now available to any user without login. Users of CA Support Online and MyCA Support can view a Techdoc anonymously. They may also be viewed by a logged in user regardless of product entitlement. The capability to search for a Techdoc using Google and view the result without login is also now available. Documentation such as guides, bookshelves and scenarios, continue to be available for anonymous users on both the CA Support systems and Google.

  • Open All Severity 1 Cases by Phone:

    To ensure prompt attention to any "system down" issues affecting your production environment, you must call the Global Customer Assistance Center to report a Severity 1 condition. After November 16, 2013, the option to select "Priority 1" when you open or update a case on CA Support Online will be removed and replaced with instructions on how to contact us by phone. This change reflects our long-standing guidance to open Severity 1 issues with a phone call, helping us improve the speed and consistency of our response to you.

  • LifeRay Upgrade Will Reset Terms and Conditions:

    CA will be deploying LifeRay 6.1 on Saturday, October 26, 2013. The deployment will affect CA Support Online, MyCA, and the Education and Partner portals by resetting the Terms & Conditions screen. All users will have to accept the new Terms & Conditions the next time they login to these resources.

  • MyCA Navigation Changes Help You Find Information Faster:

    The main title bar and page level navigation on MyCA has been updated and simplified to help you navigate to what you need quickly and easily. Below is a description of the three areas that have changed.

    1. MyCA Home Page
      When you login to MyCA, you will see your MyCA Home page. When you hover over Communities, Support or Projects, you will see options related to each of those pages. You can go directly to an option by clicking on it, or go to the main page by clicking on the title bar link.

    2. Support Page
      When you go to the Support page, all of the drop-down options are also shown in the page level navigation. You can click on an option in the drop-down list or from this toolbar.

    3. MyCA Help Library
      The MyCA Help Library, which has links to short training videos on MyCA Communities and the key Support functions of MyCA, can be found by clicking on "About MyCA" in the main menu at the top right of the page.


  • New Alert Icons Provide Quick View of Case Status:

    • Three new alert icons have been added to all case lists (View Case in Action Center, My Open Cases and Open Project Cases) on MyCA. A green flag indicates New Activity on the case, a small person symbol indicates User Action Required, and a lock symbol indicates it is a High Security Support case. These new icons provide you a quick view of your case status.


  • See More Data on Your Support Screens:

    • All MyCA Action Center Support functions now display in full screen mode, giving you the ability to see more data on the screen at once.

      This update was made based on users' feedback.


  • New Location to Subscribe to CA Tech Insider and Hyper Subscriptions:

    • On the Support tab in MyCA, there is a new Subscriptions category on the left-hand menu under CA Technologies that includes links to CA Tech Insider and Hyper Subscriptions.

      CA Tech Insiders are e-newsletters which deliver timely technical updates and solution-relevant information from Education, Services, Product Management, Support and Communities. These e-newsletters provide supplemental information on how you can derive added value from your CA Technologies solutions.

      Hyper Subscriptions links to a site where you can request automatic notification of hyper solutions that are considered critical for the proper operation of your CA Technologies products.

      Subscribe to both today!


  • Implementation Projects Update:

    The Implementation Projects page on CA Support Online has been renamed Go Live with CA Technologies Project Management. Here you can register your implementation and upgrade projects, and provide details to equip CA Support with the information needed to monitor and support your project. This is part of the Set Me Up stage of Go Live with CA Technologies.

    The following changes were made:

    • The page title was updated to Go Live with CA Technologies Project Management.
    • The title on the left-hand navigation was updated to Go Live with CA Technologies Project Management.
    • The job aids were moved from being question mark icons to a new link called "Learn how to create and join projects, complete planning templates, and upload project documentation".
    • On the CA Support Online Site Environment Profile page, an updated Go Live with CA Technologies Pre-Deployment Template was posted (displays only when you are using a registered project site id). Use this template to provide CA Support more details regarding your deployment plans, production environment and timeline.

  • May 15, 2010 - CA Support Online Enhancements and Changes:

    The following CA Support Online (CA SO) enhancements and changes became available on May 15:

    • Global navigation
    • My CA experience
    • New communities environment
    • User groups and forums login changes
    • Expanded search
    • page changes

    • Global Navigation - A new header and footer on all Support Online pages provides streamlined access to all areas of Menu items from have been consolidated but content has been retained, with new programs and pages being launched. The Support Online User Communiites left-hand menu item has been moved to the 'Communities and Insights' pull-down menu and is labeled 'Communiites'.

    • My CA Experience - You automatically have a My CA page, which is a personal view into your CA customer online experience. It offers easy access to Support Online pages, the Communites to which you belong, and is a new professional networking environment that is fully Web 2.0 enabled. You do not have to use your My CA page but it makes working with CA, partners and peers both efficient and enjoyable. Your identity remains protected on My CA.

      To access your My CA page, click My CA at the top of this or any page. Short video snippets in the Training and Insights portlet will help get you going.

    • New Communities Environment - All global communities, user groups and forums have been consolidated under seven community areas. If you are already a community member, your specific communities or forums are listed in your My CA Communities portlet. If you are not yet a member, click find a community on to join. In addition, there are new business communities now available.

      The new CA Communities environment is built for community sharing and peer-to-peer exchanges. Members can post on message boards, comment on blogs and share documents.

    • User Groups and Forums Login Changes - The consolidated login benefits added for Support Online, the Education portal, CA On Demand and have been extended to a new consolidated Communities environment for the global user community, regional user group and forum members.

    • Expanded Search - 'Communities' has been added to Search as a new collection.

    • CA Support Online Page Changes - The following changes have occurred to the landing page and to pages accessed after login:

    • Go Live with CA Online page was removed. It was accessed previously at or A redirect link now brings users to The features available from the Go Live with CA Online page can be accessed via the Implementation Projects left-hand menu item once you are logged into CA Support Online.

    • Go Live with CA Online link on the 'Get Support' tab has been removed

    • Join Our User Communities label on the 'Get Support' tab has been removed

    • CA User Community Forum link on the 'Get Support' tab has been removed

    • CA User Communities link on the 'Get Support' tab has been removed

    • User Community Events link on the 'Get Support' tab has been removed

    • A 'Participate in CA Programs' label has been added to the 'Get Support' tab

    • User Communities left-hand menu item has been moved to the global navigation header under 'Communities and Insights' and is labeled 'Communities'

    • The User Communities information page that was displayed when the User Communities left-hand menu item was selected has been removed

    • 'User Communities' section on the home page has been removed

    • A 'CA Programs' section with a link to the Beta program has been added to the home page

    • 'User Communities' right-hand navigation area on all product pages has been removed

    • A 'CA Programs' section with a link to the Beta program has been added to right-hand navigation area on all product pages

  • May 1 CA Support Online Enhancements and Changes:

    The following CA Support Online (CA SO) enhancements and changes became available on May 1:

    • Login consolidation
    • Added security requirements for passwords
    • Updated terms and conditions
    • My Account changes and new update profile link
    • Customer-controlled user administration
    • View product documentation online
    • Expanded search
    • Enhanced download
    • Implementation Projects entitlement
    • page changes

    • Login Consolidation - CA has streamlined your login experience. Existing CA SO and Go Live with CA Online login fields have been replaced by a common login link at the top of our web site. The login area on these pages has been replaced with an enlarged 'CA Support Online Important Notices' area. The Forgot Password, Create an Account, Report a Registration/Login issue, and FTP Login links have been removed. The pages for these links have been consolidated onto common pages.

      Your CA SO user ID and password has not changed. If you have used the same user ID for these other services, a single sign-on will now allow you to navigate without additional sign-on to the Education or CA On Demand portals, event registrations, product trial downloads and whitepaper downloads.

    • Added Security Requirements for Passwords - While your current CA SO user ID and password continue to operate without change, new password requirements have been instituted which you will encounter the next time you reset your password. New passwords must be at least eight characters long and contain three of the following four character types:

    • Uppercase letters (A-Z)
    • Lowercase letters (a-z)
    • Digits (0-9)
    • Symbols

    • Updated Terms and Conditions - Terms and Conditions have been consolidated across You will see these the first time you log in to or the next time changes require a renewed agreement.

    • My Account Changes and New Update Profile Link - Common profile attributes have been consolidated into a common Profile page. The common Profile page is accessed via an update profile link in the upper right corner of the screen after login or from a link defined on the My Account Personal Profile tab. The Personal Profile tab continues to provide access to profile attributes that are specific to CA SO, which include your default site ID, date format preference and CA product name display preference.

    • Customer-Controlled User Administration - You can now designate one or more User Administrators (UAs) to manage user access to your CA SO sites. Named UAs will have the ability to process registration requests and maintain user access. More specifically, they will be able to register users for CA SO access for their site, add and maintain contacts associated with their site, and revoke CA SO access from a contact at their site. This functionality applies to CA SO enterprise users worldwide and Partners with enterprise site IDs on CA SO. For more information and for request instructions to become a User Administrator, click here.

    • View Product Documentation Online - CA SO users can begin to view product documentation online within CA Bookshelves, which have been made accessible from everywhere within CA SO. The content on CA Bookshelves will be included in search queries in the near future. CA Bookshelves will also provide guides in portable document format (PDF) for easy downloading and printing. For more information, click here.

    • Expanded Search - New expanded search capabilities now search everything in CA SO which makes your search experience faster. In addition, the dynamic search service already used on CA SO will be expanded to include search results for and the Security Advisor. A search initiated from CA SO provides support results, but expanding a search to and the Security Advisor is possible with a single click.

    • Enhanced Download - To provide the best transfer speeds and improved download completion rates, CA has implemented a new download technology. The enhanced download feature employs a worldwide network of download servers to provide users with improved download speeds, large file optimization, a new, easy-to-use download manager (DLM) client, and multiple download options, including the DLM, FTP, and browser-based. For more information, click here.

      Important: This enhancement requires inclusion of two new CA hostnames in addition to those you already use. Please ask your IT department to allow connections to and

    • Implementation Projects Entitlement - Enterprise level users now have automatic access to the Implementation Projects left-hand menu item to create and join implementation and upgrade projects. Basic level users will be able to join projects but not create them. This eliminates a previous Go Live with CA online secondary request requirement.

  • Page Changes - The following changes have occurred to the landing page and to pages accessed after login:

    • Search box has been relabeled

    • login, register and update profile links have been added to the top of the page; the update profile link is available after login

    • Forgot Password, Create an Account, Report a Registration/Login issue, and FTP Login links have been removed and replaced with common pages

    • CA Support Online Important Notices area has been expanded and this label has been added

    • Advanced Knowledge Search link at the lower right of the page has been removed

    • Knowledge Base Solutions & Articles link on the 'Get Support' tab has been removed because of expanded search enhancements

    • CA XOsoft™ and CA ARCserve® Backup links on the 'Get Support' tab have been removed

    • CA ARCserve Product Family selection list has been added to the 'Get Support' tab and offers access to CA ARCserve Backup, CA ARCserve® D2D and CA ARCserve® RHA one-stop support pages

    • Mainframe 2.0 link on the 'Get Support' tab has been moved up in position

    • My Preferences link at the bottom of the page has been removed; this is now the register link at the top of the page

    • CA XOsoft links in all 'Product Specific Support' areas on the 'Home' and 'Support by Product' pages have been renamed to CA ARCserve RHA

    • CA ARCserve D2D product links have been added to all 'Product Specific Support' areas on the 'Home' and 'Support by Product' pages

    • User Administration tab has been added to My Profile

    • Knowledge Base Search left-hand menu item has been removed

    • Find a Product Documentation Bookshelf area has been added to the 'Documentation' page

    • Bookshelves area has been added to Product pages

    • Checkout on the 'My Solutions Cart' page will invoke the new enhanced download

    • Dynamic Search for Technical Document Indexes:
      Dynamic search capability is being added to product pages on CA Support Online. Specifically, Technical Document Indexes will be updated to leverage the technology that became available in August 2009. With this new capability, all technical documents related to the product page will be returned in a results list. Within this results list, you can search for documents by date, product name, keyword or other criteria. This powerful search capability should help you pinpoint the documents that you need more quickly. The Technical Document Index link can be accessed by clicking the "<product name> Technical Document Index" link in the Recommended Reading section on a product page. Dynamic search will be added to Technical Document Index pages over the next several months.

Notice Archives:

  • My Products List Maximum is 250 Products:

    • The maximum number of products you can add to your My Products list is 250. If you try to add more than 250 products, you will receive a message indicating that you have reached the limit. This limit has been set to optimize the performance of MyCA.


  • Responding to MyCA Message Board Posts Just Got Easier:

    • Are you subscribed to any MyCA community message boards or threads? If so, now you can respond directly from your email account. A subscription is necessary as you must receive the message board post notification in order to respond to the post.

      Please be aware that any information contained in your email (the message history, your signature information, phone number, email address, etc.) will be included in the post. You need to be aware of the possibility of disclosing personally identifiable information. Once the information is posted, it will be indexed via search engines from our public communities to the internet at large and received in the inbox of those who have subscribed to the message boards. It is up to you to determine how much information to include in your posts.


  • The following new features have been added to MyCA:

    • An entitlements gadget is available on the Support tab (CA Communities members have beta access). This gadget enables you to view, print or email a list of your products. This feature is ONLY available on MyCA (not CA Support Online). To add this gadget, on the MyCA Support tab click the green "add application" icon on the right side of the toolbar, expand the Support list, and then add the Entitlements gadget. It is recommended to drag the gadget to the right side of your Support tab page.

    • An anonymous user support toolbar on provides more options for anonymous access.


  • MyCA "My Products" List Cleanup for Users of MyCA Beta Support Features

  • Important Notice Regarding Environment Profile

  • CA Support Establishes Case Reopen Guideline:
    A case reopen guideline has gone into effect. The guideline is designed to help ensure added security for support case file attachments which can contain sensitive information. When a CA Support case is closed, the case file attachments and system records are retained for a 14-day period. During this 14-day period, the case can be reopened. After 14 days, the case file attachments are removed from CA Support systems and the case can no longer be reopened, but case system records can be viewed and referenced.

  • CA Support Online Green Books and Papers View is Renovated:
    The CA Support Online view for CA Green Books and Green Papers at has a new look. The restructured site makes it easier for you to locate CA Green Books and CA Green Papers on featured CA solution implementations. A 'New Releases' section showcases and provides links to newly released documents and the following multiple solution sub pages with documents grouped under product/solution categories are now available:
    More books and papers are expected so please bookmark this page.

  • Business Driven Automation / Infrastructure Management
  • Security Management
  • Service and IT Asset Management
  • Storage and Recovery Management

  • CA Support Online Secure File Transfer and Secure File Storage Fix Applied on November 20:
    A fix has been applied to CA Support Online for a problem customers were having when accessing the new file server. Some customers had not been able to access the new since it had an IP address that was not coded into the customer's firewall. To correct this, CA reassigned the IP address that was associated with to Thus, is now using the IP address that was previously used by was the previous ftp server that customers used to upload case file attachments to CA.

  • CA Acquires NetQoS 
  • Welcome ex-Concord Customers and Partners
  • Secure File Transfer and Secure File Storage is Here

  • Changes to CA Support Online - August 29, 2009

  • Improved Knowledge Base Search
    The CA Support Online Knowledge Base Search engine has been replaced. In addition to faster response times, CA Support Online users will benefit from the following additional functions: easier search selection criteria; improve search results refinement (search within search); enhanced user preference settings, including wildcard searches and language preference; and better advanced search functions. Users will also now be able to limit the product scope for their searches:

  • All Products - All products available for your Site
  • My Products - A subset of All Products for your site as defined by individual users in their My profile settings
  • All CA Products - A full search across every product CA has available without entitlement restrictions

  • RMDM Documentation is Now Available to All Users
    Documentation for CA ARCserve&reg; Backup, CA ERwin&reg; and CA XOsoft&trade; is now available to all users who visit CA Support Online. Prior to this change, only users who purchased the product were allowed access to this documentation.

  • Possible Problem Viewing Cases:
    CA Support has received reports that some customers are unable to view their cases on CA Support Online. This may be related to changes that now enable users to view case activity in their local time zone. If you are having an issue displaying cases in CA Support Online, please go into the My Account selection, scroll down to the Time zone drop down and select your time zone. Logoff and then log back on and you will be able to view all your cases or cases associated with your site. Thank you for your continued support.

  • Setting User's Time Zone Added to CA Support Online:
    You can now ensure that that your cases in CA Support Online will have a timestamp, date and time, that reflects your time zone. Previously, in CA Support Online, the time zone value defaulted to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). CA Support Online will now use the time zone value specified in your 'My Account' profile when displaying the timestamp.

  • New CA Common Diagnostic Facility to Speed Support Case Resolution:
    The CA Common Diagnostic Facility (CA CDF) now appears in the Freeware Utilities / Toolbox section in the Download Center. This utility simplifies and speeds the data capture of diagnostic information for a growing number of CA distributed products. CA CDF currently supports these CA products on operating systems like Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, and HPUX:

    The utility runs from a single command and will automatically gather and zip diagnostic information for upload to the CA Support FTP server. Prerequisite, installation and usage information is detailed in the Readme.txt file that downloads with the utility.

  • CA Access Control
  • CA ARCserve&reg; Backup
  • CA Audit
  • CA AutoSys&reg; Workload Automation
  • CA Asset Portfolio Management
  • CA Spectrum&reg; Automation Manager
  • CA Desktop Management Suite
  • CA Network and Systems Management
  • CA Security Command Center
  • CA Service Desk Manager
  • CA SiteMinder&reg; Web Access Manager
  • CA Single Sign-On
  • CA XOsoft&trade;

  • CA Support Completes Orchestria (now CA DLP) Support Transition:
    Orchestria (now CA DLP) support has transitioned to CA Support Online. Customers can now use CA Support Online for all their support needs. The Orchestria support email address,, is being retired. For more information, see the CA DLP Support welcome page.

  • CA Support Completes Eurekify (now CA Role & Compliance Manager) Support Transition:
    The move of support for Eurekify (now CA Role & Compliance Manager) to CA Support has been completed. Customers should now use CA Support Online for their support needs. The Eurekify CRMdesk website and the Eurekify support email address,, are being retired. For more information, see the CA Role & Compliance Manager Support Welcome page.

  • CA Support Online Video and Recorded Webcast Index

  • Easier to Find Products, Releases, and Gen Levels
    CA Support Online now provides the following improvements when searching for products, releases, and gen levels:

  • Type Assist for product names in dropdowns. Once the third character has been input, the system will retrieve and display the product(s) that include those three characters anywhere in the product name. As the user continues to type, the list will continue to narrow down to match what the user is typing. Special characters in the product name (ex: &reg, &trade;) do not need to be entered and will be ignored.

  • Auto populating Release and/or Gen Level values when only 1 value exists for the product or release. No longer will you need to select the release or gen level from the dropdowns if only one exists.

  • File Size Limitations When Downloading While Using Internet Explorer
    Microsoft has reported that FTP and HTTP file downloads over a certain size using Internet Explorer may not be successful; one exception is CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Release 12 Service Pack 1. The FTP file limit is 4GB or greater. The HTTP file limit is 2GB or greater. Support is aware of this issue and is looking for alternate solutions. If you need to download files that exceed these limits, please use Firefox 3.0 or command line FTP.

  • Tapeless Electronic Software Delivery for Mainframe z/OS
    In response to customer feedback and to simplify the installation process for mainframe z/OS products, CA is transitioning mainframe z/OS products to an improved Electronic Software Delivery process that eliminates the need for customers to create tapes. Downloadable files shipped in the new format are identified with a ".pax.Z" file extension. To download software or read documentation on this process, go to the Download Center on CA Support Online. This area requires a login for the site.

    Mainframe z/OS products will be migrating to this process over time. As individual products are transitioned to the improved process, CA will announce availability through E-News, knowledge documents, updates to the product home pages on CA Support Online, and applicable Product Announcements and Release Notes for new releases and service packs.

  • Changes to CA Support Online - April 18, 2009

  • New CA Support Online Compatibilities

    The CA Support Online Compatibilities function has been enhanced. Replacing the current static matrices is a new User Interface that will allow users to check compatibilities from a Product or from an Operating System view. The compatibility results are presented in a tabular format with the ability to download your results to an excel spreadsheet. The existing compatibility static matrices will still be available on the same page as the new compatibilities User Interface as well as on the Product Pages. Products that have migrated to the new compatibilities function will have their existing static matrices removed at a future date. Notification will be provided well in advance of the static pages being removed.

    Note: Not all products will be migrated to the new compatibilities function. The product drop downs will reflect the products that have already been migrated and CA will continue to migrate other products throughout the year.

  • CA Support Online now supports Java Runtime V6
    Support has been added to CSO for Java Runtime version 6 update 13 or older, thus allowing customers to install ALP Licenses. Previously, a workaround for installing ALP Licenses was required. CA Support Online users can login, access Licensing from the left hand navigation and follow the instructions under the Install ALP Licenses section.

  • Changes to CA Support Online - March 23, 2009

  • Site-Level Environment Profile - File Attachments - In January, we introduced the Site Level Environment Profile function on CA Support Online. This new function provides a facility for users to predefine up to 25 environmental profile configurations and preferences for the hardware on which CA software executes. This month, we have added the ability to upload and link file attachments to the Site Environment Profiles you have created. The file attachments provide valuable detail which will enable a Support technician to understand your environment and resolve cases more efficiently. Click here for more details on help with Site Profile Attachments. CA requests that all our customers take the time to create up-to-date Site Environment Profiles along with linked attachments. Remember that the user level profiles will be removed in the upcoming months. Notification will be provided in advance to this removal.

  • Implementation Projects enhancements - Usability enhancements for CA Support Online Implementation users. Implementers will benefit from these ease of use changes such as:

  • Project Managers can add or remove users from their projects
  • Project display of the project manager and team members
  • Case management tracking to project stage and test case
  • Projects can now reference an external project number
  • Changes to allow partner boarding as Implementers

  • Changes to CA Support Online - January 25, 2009

  • New Landing Page - The new page provides several new features, such as six rotating news items, a tabular format to aid in locating support, offerings, and policies, as well as roll-over "Alert!" status. It's a new fresh look to access some of CA Support Online's public functionality before you login.

  • Site-Level Environment Profile - This new function provides a facility for customers to predefine up to 25 environmental profile configurations and preferences for the hardware on which CA software executes. User level profiles will still be supported for some time and you have the ability to copy your user level profile to a site level profile. You can even specify a default site level profile for your personal ID to use when opening cases. A profile can still be attached to a case when it is created and we have added the ability to attach a profile to a pre-existing case at any time. When attaching a profile to a case, you can choose from your user level, default site level or choose from the list of site level profiles. For more information on the site level environment profile, click here.

  • Implementation Support Portal - This new service under CA Support Online helps to manage and coordinate CA Services and Partner implementation projects. This new advanced function is only now available to CA's Services team and select Implementation partners and their customers. If your site has implementation projects in progress, you will see those projects listed with key details when you select the new left hand navigation entry 'Implementation Projects'. As a registered member of the project, you will be provided with a link into the project where you will have the same CA Support Online functionality you have today with the added benefits such as implementation project issues being grouped in the project for easy access and the ability to open a project service request which provides additional implementation support.

  • Changes to CA Support Online - November 23, 2008

    Default Login SiteID:
    CA Support Online users who have multiple SiteID's can now default their Login SiteID to a SiteID other than the current default provided. Users can specify their Default Login SiteID by accessing the Personal Profile tab under My Account. The input field labeled Login SiteID can be left blank to keep the current login SiteID or a new value can be selected from the pull down provided which will list all SiteID's that the user is able to access.

    Knowledge Base Search:

  • The current state of Advanced Criteria, expanded or hidden, will be saved upon logout and presented in the same state upon a subsequent login.
  • A new selection under Advanced Criteria is now available - All CA Products. This new option will return all documents meeting your search criteria regardless of your entitlement. Search response is greatly improved but you will still only be able to view the documents for which you have entitlement.
  • The KB Search collection 'My Site's Case History' has been removed. This change was implemented to improve performance and will be available again in a subsequent release.

  • Download Enhancements for Products and Published Solutions
    CA Support Online now provides the following improvements when downloading products and published solutions:

  • A busy indictor is displayed when a user selects FTP, FTP Path, or HTTP, so the user knows processing is occurring during a product download.
  • User receives an error message if a problem occurs during a product download.
  • If the published solution does not exist for the selected operating system, but it does exist for other operating systems, then CA Support Online will display the solutions for the other operating systems (in case the solution was loaded under the generic OS operating system).

  • Support for generally available CA Products continues on IBM z/OS 1.7.
    If the issue is operating system-related, you must have IBM z/OS 1.7 extended support for CA to be able to collaborate with IBM on your case.

  • Ask CA - CA Support's Interactive Agent
    CA Support launched Ask CA on August 9, 2008, for CA ARCserve Backup r12 customers. Ask CA provides an innovative way for you to ask for help and receive it quickly using conversational questions instead of search terms. This enhancement provides easier access to CA Support Online's self-service expertise, which is an always available and reliable way for you to get help when you need it. To use Ask CA, go to the CA Support Online product home page for CA ARCserve Backup for Windows, click the Ask CA icon on the right hand side and enter a question like, "How do I upgrade to r12?" Ask CA's knowledgebase is updated daily based on your questions so its ability to assist will continually improve as we move forward.

    NOTE: The "Ask CA" pilot program has successfully met and exceeded expectations. Originally scheduled to end on October 7, 2008, the new "Ask CA" service will continue to be offered to customers as part of CA Support's increased online support value.

  • Important information for digital certificate users
    CA Support Online does not support the use of digital certificates. You will need to use a user ID and password to access SupportConnect and the new CA Support Online. Your user ID is your email address. If you can't remember your password, please use the "Forgot password" function to reset your password.

  • Highlights of our new support site

    Some Things Remain the Same

    Some Things are New and Improved:

    This is just the beginning. We have many new features to implement as part of a long-range plan to improve your support experience. We'll keep you posted as further enhancements come your way.

  • CA Support Online is completely live and functional and you can use it for all the functions you used SupportConnect for.

  • Use your existing user ID (email address) and password to access the site.

  • Other important information, such as environmental profile information, has been ported seamlessly to the new site.

  • Improved home page experience. Once you log in, the support site presents the information you have told us you most want to see, right at the home page.

  • Case Management. We've simplified the case submission process and have added functions to help solve your problems faster.

  • New Download Center. You can download a product, all relevant post-production fixes, and all needed documentation in one step, all on one screen.

  • More Secure Authentication. The new site has improved security features, including secure automated password reset functionality, enabled by CA SiteMinder.

  • Better Knowledge Base Searching. Building on recent updates, the new site introduces new search capabilities (like the ability to save searches) and improved relevancy ranking.