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CA Technologies
IBM Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU) Testing

Testing of IBM RSU Levels for z/OS
As part of CA technologies Mainframe Next Generation strategy, we are committed to product quality on the z/OS platform. As part of that commitment, CA tests IBM's quarterly RSU level for z/OS for each of the three supported releases of z/OS in conjunction with the CA Mainframe Stack products.

The IBM RSU level for z/OS testing occurs during our testing of new CA Recommended Service (CA RS) levels in our Integrated System Test (IST) lab where multiple releases of CA Mainframe Stack products are run. This level of testing provides customers with the flexibility to match a CA product release -with- a CA RS level of service -with- an IBM RSU level for z/OS -with- a supported z/OS release and know that all were tested together in CA's IST lab.

A list of the CA Mainframe Stack products tested with the latest quarterly IBM RSU level for z/OS is located here. The list is updated periodically as more CA products join the CA Mainframe Stack and become CA RS eligible. To view the pairing of CA RS levels with IBM RSU levels with z/OS release click here.

This level of testing helps to reduce the overall risk when implementing Preventive Maintenance from both CA and IBM. A key takeaway here is - CA's testing of IBM's RSU levels for z/OS is done with the latest quarterly RSU level for:

  1. the current GA release of z/OS
  2. the minus 1 release of z/OS
  3. the minus 2 release of z/OS

Customer Guidance
Testing of CA Mainframe Stack products atop the latest IBM RSU level for z/OS occurs downstream from IBM's Consolidated Service Testing efforts to create new RSU levels for z/OS. CA understands the importance of providing timely guidance to our customers in support of their CA software and IBM z/OS preventative maintenance strategy. We also understand the importance of being as accurate and thorough as possible with our RSU testing. At CA, we recognize that timeliness and thoroughness can be competing goals, and as such, we will always strive to achieve the proper balance between the two.

Therefore, CA strongly recommends customers continue to perform local RSU testing along with the CA Mainframe Stack products testing on their own systems. CA believes it is best to combine IBM RSU testing information provided with CA's CA RS testing information along with local customer testing. When combined, customers gain maximum value to help guide their preventative maintenance strategy for z/OS.