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CA ALP License Update
for AIX

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Installation Instructions

  1. Logon as user "root". If logged on already as another user, "su" to root.

  2. Create a temp directory (e.g., mkdir /mytemp).

  3. Download the appropriate lic98_<platform>.tar.Z file to this temp directory.

  4. Change to this temp directory (e.g., cd /mytemp).

  5. Uncompress the tar file by entering the following command:

    Uncompress lic98_<platform>.tar.Z

  6. Untar the license files by entering the following command:

    tar -xvf lic98_<platform>.tar

  7. Change to the newly created lic98_install directory (e.g., cd lic98_install).

  8. install or re-install licensing by entering the following command:


  9. Run . /etc/profile.

Removal Procedure

  1. Logon to the system as root.

  2. Source /etc/profile using command . /etc/profile

  3. Change to $CASHCOMP/ca_lic directory using cd $CASHCOMP/ca_lic

  4. Remove licensing using ./rmlicense

  5. Confirm removal of CA Licensing when prompted by rmlicense command.

  6. unset $CASHCOMP and $CALIB from your environment using unset $CASHCOMP and unset $CALIB commands respectively.

Back up procedure

  1. Logon to the system as root.

  2. Backup /etc/profile

  3. Backup /etc/profile.CA if present.

  4. Backup /etc/csh_login.CA if present.

  5. Note down symbolic link information for all the entries below if any is present and is a symbolic link.

    • /usr/local/CAlib

    • /opt/CA/CAlib

    • $CASHCOMP/CAlib

    • /ca_lic

    • /opt/CA/ca_lic

    • $CASHCOMP/ca_lic

    • $CASHCOMP/lib

  6. Take backup of all directories above that are present on the system and are not symbolic links.

Restore Procedure

  1. Restore directories backed up in Step 6 of Backup procedure.

  2. Restore symbolic links noted down in Step 5 of Backup procedure.

  3. Restore backed up /etc/profile, /etc/profile.CA and /etc/csh_login.CA files.

  4. Relogin to your account.


File Name Minimum OS Supported Version File Size
lic98_AIX5_ppc.tar.gz AIX 5.x for PowerPC 32-bit and 64-bit 548 KB