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CA ALP License Update
for MAC (OSX)

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Installation Instructions

  1. Logon as user "root". If logged on already as another user, "su" to root.
  2. Create a temp directory (e.g., mkdir /mytemp)
  3. Download the appropriate lic98_<platform>.tar.Z file to this temp directory
  4. Change to this temp directory (e.g., cd /mytemp).
  5. Uncompress the tar file by entering the following command:
    Uncompress lic98_<platform>.tar.Z
  6. Untar the license files by entering the following command:
    tar -xvf lic98_<platform>.tar
  7. Change to the newly created lic98_install directory (e.g., cd lic98_install)
  8. install or re-install licensing by entering the following command:
  9. Source the /etc/profile file by running ". /etc/profile", or log out and in again to accomplish this. This will setup the user environment correctly


    File Name Minimum OS Supported Version File Size
    lic98_Darwin_powerpc.tar.gz MAC OS for PowerPC 396 KB
    lic98_Darwin_ix86.tar.gz MAC OS for Intel 408 KB