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CA Recommended Service for z/OS


CA Recommended Service for z/OS (CA RS) is an important part of a good Preventive Maintenance philosophy for CA Technologies Mainframe Stack for z/OS products. CA RS is intended to reduce risk when applying Preventive Maintenance and reduce the chance of encountering a PTF-in-error (PE) both of which result in a more stable system. Therefore, CA recommends that customers install all available CA RS PTFs as Preventive Maintenance on regular intervals (for example, monthly, quarterly, or annually).

In support of CA RS, CA Technologies created a z/OS-based Integrated System Test (IST) lab for the continuous testing of PTFs for the products included in the CA Technologies Mainframe Stack for z/OS.  The IST lab runs all supported releases of IBM's z/OS operating system and multiple releases of popular IBM subsystems (CICS, DB2, IMS) all of which are maintained at the latest IBM Quarterly RSU levels.

Each new CA RS level PTF list is made available monthly and includes the following:

  1. PTFs
  2. HIPERs (High Impact or Pervasive PTFs)
  3. PRPs (PTFs that resolve PE PTFs)

To learn more about the PTF, HIPER, and PRP selection criteria, availability, or testing environment click on the CA RS Reports and related Tools links below.

For CA Chorus Software Manager (MSM) users, you can schedule product catalog updates to download published PTFs for your licensed products making them readily available to RECEIVE and APPLY as part of CA RS maintenance when needed. To help automate the SMP/E processing, CA MSM provides a CA RS Wizard to step you through the maintenance upgrade process for your products to a new CA RS level.

Customers who have not yet adopted CA MSM can also benefit from CA RS for z/OS by using legacy SMP/E. For more information about the actions required, click Obtain CA Recommended Service without using CA CSM.

CA RS Automatic Notifications
To receive automatic notification of new CA RS Levels as we release them you can join the CA Mainframe Community and/or follow us on Twitter (

CA RS Reports and related Tools


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