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FIXCAT HOLDDATA for CA Mainframe Products

As part of our ongoing Mainframe 2.0 strategy, CA Technologies is providing FIXCAT HOLDDATA to aid in identifying maintenance required to support a particular hardware device, software or function. The fix categories are supplied in the form of SMP/E FIXCAT HOLDDATA statements. Each FIXCAT HOLDDATA statement will associate a PTF to one or more FIX Categories.

The CA FIXCAT HOLDDATA categories are located on the Support Online FIXCAT HOLDDATA page which you can access from the Mainframe 2.0 Strategy page.

The FIXCAT HOLDDATA will be supplied with the same file as the consolidated ERROR HOLDDATA which is located from the Support Online HOLDDATA page. We recommend that you obtain this HOLDDATA file before upgrading any hardware or software.

To ensure you have all required maintenance, we recommend you allow SMP/E to manage it automatically. The only manual task is to execute an SMP/E MISSINGFIX. This report identifies any PTFs for fix categories that are missing in one or more target zones.

To receive FIXCAT HOLDs, you need to execute the SMP/E UPGRADE command available in SMP/E V3.5 and above. If you are running prior releases of SMP/E, you need to apply the appropriate IBM toleration PTFs to prevent error messages from being issued due to these holds. Please refer to IBM APAR IO07480 for details.