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Downloading HOLDDATA and ++ASSIGN Statements

As part of our ongoing Mainframe 2.0 strategy, CA Technologies is announcing the consolidation of ERROR HOLDDATA into a single location for all of your CA Technologies mainframe SMP/E managed products. While in the past we have provided this data on individual pages, we have listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce this change.

In addition, the ++ASSIGN HIPER statements have also been consolidated into a single file. The consolidation of ERROR HOLDDATA and ++ASSIGN HIPER statements into a single location will help identify critical maintenance that should be applied to all of the CA Technologies mainframe products that are packaged using SMP/E.

The HOLDDATA and ++ASSIGN buckets are located at, which you can access from the product page for CA Mainframe Software Manager on CA Support Online or from the Mainframe 2.0 Strategy page.

The HOLDDATA file contains cumulative ERROR HOLDDATA for all of the CA Technologies SMP/E mainframe products. This HOLDDATA is used to identify PTFs that have been found in error after they were published and prevent an unresolved PTF from being applied. We recommend that you obtain this HOLDDATA file before applying maintenance so you can get HOLDDATA that has been created or updated since you received it from other sources. SMP/E will ignore the HOLDDATA for FMIDs that you do not have installed, so you should receive this data in all CSIs where you have CA Technologies products installed.

CA Technologies is providing monthly, quarterly, yearly and ALL buckets that are updated daily. Customers need to ensure that the time period of the latest HOLDDATA to be received overlaps the time span of any previously received HOLDDATA.

To reliably manage external HOLDDATA, we recommend you allow SMP/E to manage it automatically. The only manual task is to execute an SMP/E REPORT ERRSYSMODS. This report identifies any held SYSMODs already applied to your system. If the resolving SYSMOD is in RECEIVE status, SMP/E identifies the SYSMOD to apply to correct the situation.

For the ++ASSIGN statement, we recommend that you RECEIVE the ASSIGN statements into your global zone prior to applying maintenance. This ensures that any critical service is applied.

The HOLDDATA bucket will also contain FIXCAT type ++HOLDS. To receive FIXCAT HOLDs, you need to execute the SMP/E UPGRADE command if you are running SMP/E V3.5. If you are running prior releases of SMP/E, you need to apply the appropriate IBM toleration PTFs to prevent error messages from being issued due to these holds. Please refer to IBM APAR IO07480 for details.