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User Administration Comes to CA Support Online

Starting May 1, 2010, CA Support Online (CA SO) will offer our enterprise customers the opportunity to designate an administrator for their CA SO site. These User Administrators (UAs) will have the ability to process registration requests and maintain user access. More specifically, they will be able to register users for CA SO access for their site, add and maintain contacts associated with their site, and revoke CA SO access from a contact at their site. This functionality applies to CA SO enterprise users world-wide and Partners with enterprise site IDs on CA SO.

How to Submit a Request to Be a User Administrator

To submit a request, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on to CA SO.
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Select the User Administration tab.
  4. Select the site ID for which you want to be made a UA and check the Request Access box.
  5. Enter any supporting information that will help in the processing of your request.
  6. Click Submit.

If your site does not yet have a UA, the request will be processed by CA; processing typically takes 24-48 hours. If your site already has a UA, your request will be forwarded to them via email and will be processed on their schedule. Requests that have not been addressed by an existing UA will be processed by CA after five business days.


Once designated, UAs will see a new left-hand navigation link, User Administration, on CA SO pages from which they can access administration functionality:

  • Registration Requests - Review and approve/deny requests for access to specific sites.

  • Users and Permissions - Review, edit, and revoke access for users to specific sites.

  • Audit Reporting - View reports of user activity for specific sites, users, and date ranges.

Please Note

CA strongly recommends that each site have at least two UAs to ensure complete coverage.