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CA is pleased to announce

AllFusion Modeling Suite 4.1.4 sp4
is Now Available

CA is pleased to announce the release of AllFusion Modeling Suite 4.1.4 Service Pack 4 (sp4).

Included in the Suite are AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, AllFusion Process Modeler, and AllFusion Model Manager. Please note that we will release an updated version AllFusion Model Navigator shortly. There will not be a new version of AllFusion Model Validator with SP4, but the existing version is compatible with this new release.

This product release includes solutions to customer-related STAR issues. To read the detail for any or all of the solutions, review the ERwin 4.1.4 Service Pack 4 Solutions.txt file, which can be found in the Doc folder under the AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler program folder or in the download link on the Product Home Page on CA Support Online.

Highlights of this service pack include:

  • Support has been added for SQL Server 2005. The database selection dialog has been updated to include SQL Server 2000/2005 as a database choice.

  • Support has been added for Sybase IQ 12.5 and Sybase 15.

  • Changes have been made to the ERwin naming standards for glossary abbreviation substitution.

  • Improvements for DB2 UDB for z/OS Version 8 support.

  • Many maintenance items to continue to improve overall product quality.
Download your copy by visiting your Product Home Page or the AllFusion Modeling Suite Support web page on