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CA is pleased to announce

AllFusion Modeling Suite r7.1
is Now Available

Date: July 24, 2006
To: AllFusion Modeling Suite Customers
From: The CA AllFusion Modeling Product Team
Subject: Product Announcement for AllFusion Modeling Suite r7.1

On behalf of the CA team, we are pleased to announce that AllFusion Modeling Suite r7.1 is now available.

Products included in the suite are:

  • AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler (AllFusion ERwin DM)

  • AllFusion Model Manager (AllFusion MM)

  • AllFusion Process Modeler (AllFusion PM)

  • AllFusion Data Model Validator (AllFusion DMV)

  • AllFusion Model Navigator (AllFusion MN)

AllFusion Modeling Suite r7.1 incorporates the following new features including:

  • Embedded industry-leading metadata exchange technology.

  • Ability to now exchange a wide variety of modeling metadata between AllFusion ERwin DM and other sources such as MS Excel, XSD, XMI, CWM, the leading ETL/EII tools, numerous BI/Reporting tools as well as a full range of complimentary, competitive and legacy modeling environments.

  • Powered by Meta Integration Technology, Inc., modelers can now integrate with nearly 100 industry-leading products via a simple, easy to use, selfdirected wizard.
  • Two new Complete Compare options that minimize result differences and increase compare performance.

  • "Exclude unaligned objects in the left model".

  • "Exclude unaligned objects in the right model".

  • Ability to toggle Naming Standards Glossary Abbreviation substitution to include only whole words or partial words.

  • Documentation for a change previously made (in r7) for mapping default physical index names.

We also encourage you to visit the AllFusion Modeling Suite Product Home Page at Here you will find technical documents, announcements, manuals, matrices, and much more related to the suite.

In North America, you can obtain your copy of AllFusion Modeling Suite r7.1 by calling 1- 800-78-ERwin (1-800-783-7946), by contacting your account representative, or by going to the AllFusion Modeling Suite Home Page on Outside of North America, call your local account representative or the local CA office. A complete listing of CA offices can be found at Please use the following TOPS code when ordering:

AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler
Tops code - ERWIN499000
Rel. 7.1
Gen Level 0607
AllFusion Data Model Validator
Tops code - ERWEXM05900
Rel. 7.1
Gen Level 0607
AllFusion Process Modeler
Tops code - BPWIN499000
Rel. 7.1
Gen Level 0607
AllFusion Model Navigator
Tops code - MDLNAV99000
Rel. 7.1
Gen Level 0607
AllFusion Model Manager
Tops code - MDLMGR05900
Rel. 7.1
Gen Level 0607

We're extremely pleased to provide these new product features as a result of our ongoing product development, customer support partnerships, and maintenance programs that are designed to help our customers succeed.

Should you need any assistance in understanding these new features or in implementing this latest release, our CA Technology Services and our Education experts are available to help. For more information on CA Technology Services and how you can leverage our experience contact us through your local CA office or visit

AllFusion Modeling r7 specific education includes:

AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler Web Instructor Led -Recorded:
AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler (LWR10):
Data Modeling Concepts EDULWR10WLR
6 Hours List Price: $300
AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler Public Instructor Led Training:
AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler (ER170): r7 Highlights.
1 Day List Price: $600
Upgrades! Web Instructor Led - Recorded:
AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler (ERR70): r7 Highlights.
6 Hours List Price: $300

Please visit to review the complete learning path available from CA Education Services.

Thank you once again for your business,
The AllFusion Modeling Team